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Sustainable Approach

Freshly made on site every day, the food at Bean & Wheat cleverly utilises off-cuts and surplus foods from Adam’s neighbouring award-winning restaurant, The Frog Hoxton. Dishes at Bean & Wheat are created with a deliberate focus on celebrating and utilising the whole ingredient. Creations are invented in parallel to dishes at The Frog Hoxton, demonstrating how ingredients that would normally be thrown away can be made into something bold, exciting and delicious. For instance, Bean & Wheat’s ‘Burnt Lime Ice-cream sandwich’ was created off the back of one of Adam’s signature dishes – ‘Mother’: celeriac, apple, dates and truffle. While the Frog Hoxton dish uses fresh lime segments for freshness and acidity, the lime skins are burnt, confit and turned into an innovative pre-dessert sorbet at Bean & Wheat.